Our Coffee

Coffee blends are a great way to create exceptional flavors. Just like cooking, the right ingredients combined in just the right way can produce a unique and very satisfying result. Euro Café's award-winning coffee is a special dark roast blend made of the best arabica coffee beans from three continents.

Euro Café knows that roasting coffee is an art and a science. Some 42 compounds combine to create the aroma, while hundreds more create the body, flavor, and acidity. Hot air roasting is the preferred method for bringing out the qualities of coffee beans.

A top-of-the line hot air, smokeless roaster creates Euro Café's unique blend. A programmable logic controller (PLC) in the roaster controls the atmospheric burner by modulation, switching the burner from low-fire to high and back and maintaining an average set point temperature. Airflow is adjusted continuously to ensure that beans are roasted evenly, producing optimally roasted coffee without burning and bringing out its best flavor and aroma.

Every Euro Café order is packaged immediately after roasting, limiting oxidization and ensuring that our coffee is received fresh. The quality of Euro Café coffee is guaranteed.

If you're interested in ordering coffee directly from Euro Café, or if you have questions about a business relationship, please contact us.