Jetinno Robot Barista Coffee Vending Machine

Euro Café is the exclusive authorized distributor of Jetinno Robot Barista Coffee Vending Machine in the USA and Canada.

We specially designed it to serve the demanding North American market. It uses state-of-the-art technology and components from all over the world to ensure high-quality production, durability, and reliability.

Features include:

  • constant uptime, able to serve coffee 24/7/365 days a year
  • produces 6 best-selling specialty coffee drinks and 4 non-coffee drinks, including Hot Chocolate, Matcha green tea latte, Spiced Chai latte, and Matcha green tea
  • fresh-roasted coffee beans ground fresh for each order, made in one minute
  • in the future, a ceramic filter and 9-plate water alkaline ionizer will be added to reduce the acidity of coffee, preserve healthy antioxidants, and offer the best flavor in the industry
  • able to make 200 12 oz. cup drinks per day and in one service, the highest capacity in the industry
  • large 6 lb. storage for coffee beans and other products stores in food grade containers
  • AI technology
  • a touch-screen menu for customer selections
  • a 27" HD screen for commercial, educational, and entertainment videos
  • two-way live video-audio communication with customer via wifi, to improve customer service, solve problems, and offer added security that discourages vandalism
  • Nayax card reader and processor, which is touchless, has a chip reader, accepts digital payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc.), and offers fast processing
  • real-time sales data with product status and machine reports accessible via cloud
  • small footprint of 4.25 SQF and requires 110-volt electricity
  • FDA, UL, and ADA compliant
  • NAMA-certified, meeting all health requirements for self-serve vending machines in the USA

Euro Café's goal is to bring highest-quality, healthiest specialty coffee drinks to the masses anytime, anywhere, at an affordable price, to compete with unhealthy soda drinks. Let's make America healthier together.

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