About Us

Euro Café Corporation is a a dynamic, fast-growing, family-owned company incorporated in Virginia in 1997. We are committed to be the purveyors of the freshest, and highest quality products.

We have endeavored to get top of the line equipment, and the latest technology, and to be environmentally friendly. Along with the latest smokeless coffee roaster technology, we use a sophisticated filtration system for all our water used for coffee, tea, and ice and maintain a commitment to being environmentally friendly.

Euro Café developed the Robot coffee machine and exclusively distributes to the USA and Canada. Euro Café licenses to owner-operators, a disruptive business model that is very promising.

Euro Café operates locations in 15 US states and in Canada. We are aggressively expanding nationally and internationally. Our management team has many decades of business experience. Financially, we are conservative and debt-free.

Our Partners

Hudson Group

Euro Café has an exclusive joint venture operation with Hudson Group, one of the largest independent wholesalers of magazines, books, and periodicals in North America. Hudson Group gives Euro Café a consistent airport presence around the country.